Our Releases

Please note: all available titles may be purchased by writing to eric_cullen@estategrownrecords.com.  We will offer downloadable songs in the near future.  CDs are $10 each (except EGR 05, which is included free with any purchase, while supplies last.)

Ric Cauliflower EGR 06

Ric returns to his roots! Ten original songs ranging from power-pop to jazz-inflected rock to sensitive balladry. Most tracks are set in an intimate piano/vocal arrangement. Exceptions are “High Tension Wires” which features the incendiary electric guitar of Mark Brown , and “One For the Team” which features Joe Chaplain and Bryan Paisley in a rousing gang vocal sports arena shout. Includes “Dust”, “Same You and Me”, “Open Top Touring”, “Judge Not”, “Now You Know Me Better” and others.


Amphora off reservation EGR 05

Amphora was formed by guitarist Bruce Oliver and bassist Peter Theriault in 2008. Initially taking stylistic cues from their idols, Acoustic Alchemy, Amphora expanded their smooth jazz vision to include elements of surf, latin, be-bop and fusion. Although they have weathered many line-up changes, Bruce and Peter keep their vision moving forward and continue to play to this day. This EGR release captures Amphora at a particularly exciting time. off reservation is a compilation of live recordings made between 2014 and 2015 at various wineries in Healdsburg, Sonoma and Santa Rosa, California. This title is offered FREE with any other EGR purchase.


Clothes Make the Man web site pic

Ric  Clothes Make the Man  EGR 04

Ric is joined by an all-star cast of players on this full-length album of eight new originals and a cover of an Acoustic Alchemy song.  Themes of past adventures, hardships overcome, and hope for the future run throughout.  Appearances by Sonoma County notables include: Jesse Wickman, Joe Chaplain, Keith Ridenhour, Dale Henry-Geist, Wes Thornton, Peter Theriault and many more. Standouts: “All Systems Go”, “The Patio Song” and “Up at Noon”.


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Eric “Shaggy” Cullen  Anthology 1989-2002: the Neptunes and Mermaid Years  EGR 03

A career-spaning retrospective of Ric’s, aka Shaggy’s, four-track years.  This compilation consists of digitally remastered cassette recordings.  This is a very limited release, only a few copies remain in stock. Just about every style and flavor of music he has ever attempted is represented here: folk, pop, psychedelic, garage rock, experimental, spoken work, jazz, classical, progressive, disco and sea shanty.


They Can cover

Ric  “They Can Have It!” b/w “In a Turkish Town”  EGR 02

This single was recorded for Colorado-based label, Anonymous Collective, for their 2011 compilation Anywheresville.  The b-side is a heart-felt version of a rarely heard Richie Valens song.  Note: this title out of print.


WOW front cover-p18qj8h37s44au5p1i4j1fod162q

Ric  Way Out West  EGR 01

Our inaugural release!  This Ric full-length features a blend of new Ric compositions and a handful of older Ric songs updated for the modern era.  Standout tracks include “Lifeboat”, “Finest” and “You Musta Been Real Good.”