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EGR is an independent record label based in Sonoma County California.  Our name, Estate Grown, is reflective of the world-class grape growing region we call home.

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Summer 2017

Summer is over, the kids are back in school (or soon will be), and we here at Estate Grown have been busy preparing a couple new releases for your listening pleasure. Ric has been recording a new album and it’s nearly ready for consumption. Titled Cauliflower, the new album is a return to Ric’ s solo roots. Most tracks are a simple arrangement of piano and vocals. Unlike his last album, Clothes Make the Man, Ric eschews the full band sound, opting instead for a more intimate and personal sonic space. 10 tracks including “Dust”, “Open Top Touring”, “The Style” and advance single “High Tension Wires” (which, by the way, is the only track featuring a guest musician: Mark Brown lends his scorching electric guitar to this one.) Also. as promised. the live Amphora compilation will also be out soon. I know I know, we’ve been promising this one for over a year, but you know how things go… Anyway, Ric played keyboard in Amphora, along with Bruce Oliver (guitar), Rob Otteson (guitar), Peter Theriault (bass), James Wonder (drums), and Andrew Foster (percussion) until their breakup in early 2015. During their run, they recorded most of their live shows. This new album features nine choice cuts that capture the energy and fun this band exuded on stage. Tracks include compositions by Horace Silver, Burt Bacharach, John Coltrane, Acoustic Alchemy and a Ric original. In our previous news flash, we had announced that Ric would be releasing an album of “lost” tracks. Unfortunately, that project has been shelved yet again. Someday, someday…